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What does different versions of CBC questionnaire mean?

I am creating a CBC questionnaire and set 5 versions of the questionnaire which has 15 choice sets.
I am unsure whether the versions mean that each of my participants would see different 15 choice sets or whether  they see the same 15 choice sets but in a different order e.g Scenario 2 for participant 1 may show as Scenario 5 for participant 3.

Please advise.
asked Oct 17, 2018 by anonymous

1 Answer

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The questionnaire versions parameter in CBCs define how many sets of CBC tasks are to be generated by the CBC designer.  For your example of 15 tasks and 5 versions, the first five respondents to take the CBC should see very different exercises - not just in reordered tasks, but it entirely different tasks and concepts.  It will be the sixth respondent to take the exercise when the software will begin repeating, showing the sixth respondent the same exercise as the first respondent.  Then the seventh respondent will see the same exercise as the second respondent, and so on.
answered Oct 17, 2018 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (120,400 points)