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Constructed list based on semantic differential responses

I have a semantic diff question, just using to have the slider option (so not true sem diff). It could be set up as a grid. But for each response >=1, I want to create a constructed list for the follow-up questions. I'm still on version 8.4.8.

Any help greatly appreciated!
asked Oct 16, 2018 by Becky Lohr

1 Answer

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Let's assume your semantic differential question is Q1 and it uses a parent list called Q1List. I have also assumed Q1 has 10 items.

You can now setup this constructed list to be used at a future question for all items where Q1>=1.
Begin Unverified Perl

 my $i=1;

 for($i=1; $i<=10; $i++)
   if (VALUE("Q1_".$i)>=1)

End Unverified

So the above constructed list should work. You will need the question name, parent list and items in Q1 modified.

I'm not sure if you could use the SSI Script function AIG on a semantic differential question? I haven't had to use that before. I might give it a try and come back to you a little later on this post. Stay tuned.
answered Oct 16, 2018 by Paul Moon Platinum (80,455 points)