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How do I Import (direct) dual response MaxDiff?

I set up SSI web 9.6.1 with a grid question, called 'direct', consisting of 18 items by 5 responses, using a MaxDiff list of 18 items.

I exported 'accumulated data' file in preparation for import (from Field menu).

'Direct' is not included as part of this template (only sys_RespNum,    sys_MXDVersion_MXD,    MXD_1_b,    MXD_1_w, ... MXD_18_b    MXD_18_w).

Can I modify this file to get 'direct' included, (if so how?) or is there another import process for 'standard' questions? If the latter I have found it tricky to find via help.
asked Sep 10, 2018 by Andrew Reynolds Bronze (1,140 points)

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Hi Andrew,

You can append these answers directly onto the "accumulated data" file if you use the proper nomenclature, then import using the "Paper-and-Pencil Data" option. So if you have a grid question called "direct" with 18 rows, one per MaxDiff item, that were given ratings on a 1-5 scale, your accumulated data file would have MXD_1_b, MXD_1_w,..., MXD_18_b, MXD_18_w, direct_r1, direct_r2,..., direct_r17,  direct_r18. If in doubt as to what the "direct" variables are named in the software, you can use the "print study" function in the file menu to print a graphical PDF that will display the variable names. Or, alternately, if you're familiar with HTML and don't mind doing a little digging, you can preview the "direct" question, then right-click and view source. Be aware that this is case sensitive, and won't work if your variable names don't match ("direct_r3_c1" instead of just "direct_r3", for instance, or capital D "Direct" instead of lowercase).

Best regards,
answered Sep 14, 2018 by Aaron Hill Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (10,995 points)
selected Sep 19, 2018 by Andrew Reynolds