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Extrapolation error Market Simulation


I just succesfully run the Shares of Preferences analyses for my fixed-hold-out tasks. After that I was trying to run a Randomized first choice Market simulation, but I got the following errors on my Price attribute. ( In my research I made use of conditional pricing)

- When I select the price value  for example '2' (1 = low , 2 = medium 3= high). I get this error: Product # has an extrapolated value for attribute ' Price per packagetype'. Extrapolation is not permitted when running RFC.
- When I select the label for example 'medium' (high, medium, low) I get a different error, namely:
'Medium' is an invalid value for product #.

Could you please help me to find out why I got this errors?

asked Jul 2, 2018 by Marieke
edited Jul 2, 2018
Are you using the simulator within Lighthouse, or the standalone Choice Simualtor?  Also, what version are you using?
Or are you using the online simulator (https://www.sawtoothsimulator.com)?
Yes I use the  simulator within Lighthouse, version 9.5.3

1 Answer

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This is a bug which has been fixed and will be shipped with v9.6, expected this week.
answered Jul 2, 2018 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (18,680 points)
Okay thanks! So after this bug is beeing fixed I will be able to run this analysis?
Yes, but currently you should also be able to type the specific values for the conditional combination (instead of the 2 for medium) and it should work correctly.