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Use Internal Labels in follow up

We have a followup question where we display the MD on the fly scores of our MD exercise (similar to the example exercise on your website).  This time, we are using images in our MD, and there are 55, so we want to use the “internal label” in the follow up display question.  We usually do this by inserting the following (for the first ranked item for example):

<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(HummusMD,  1) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(HummusMD,MaxDiffRankAttValue(HummusMD,  1)),5) %]) </li>

Is there a way to pull in the “internal label” instead of MaxDiffRankAttLabel?
asked Jun 13, 2018 by Michael
It is not possible to display internal labels at survey runtime.  To achieve your intended behavior, you have two options:

1.  Fill your MaxDiff list with both images and text, then hide whichever one you don't want to show using CSS on the relevant survey pages.

2.  Add a new list to your survey with all the internal labels.  You can then use MaxDiffRankAttValue and ListLabel to grab the label you want.
Thanks, so what would my new syntax look like if I went with the second option?  Lets say my new list is called "FollowUp".

[% ListLabel(FollowUp(MaxDiffRankAttValue(HummusMD,  1)))%] ?
ListLabel takes in two parameters: the list to be looked at, and a number representing which item from the list is to be shown.  Try something like this:

[% ListLabel(FollowUp, MaxDiffRankAttValue(HummusMD,  1)) %]

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