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Terminate With Redirect Link Using URL Captured As Pass-In Field

I have a client who is programming the majority of their survey on Qualtrics, with the lone exception being a MaxDiff exercise that is programmed on Sawtooth. The MaxDiff portion is in the middle of the survey so respondents are passed to Sawtooth from Qualtrics for the MaxDiff portion, then redirects back to Qualtrics once that exercise has been completed. While not the most efficient programming, this set-up is dictated by several external factors outside my control (i.e., this cannot all be programmed on Qualtrics, nor all on Sawtooth).

In order to pass respondents back to their original data response set on Qualtrics, they need to be passed back to a unique URL. Right now this unique URL is being passed through under one variable name "redirectURL" as that is how it's passed to me. When I pull this field into the terminate link redirect (by [% redirectURL %] or [% EncodeForUrl(redirectURL) %]), it prefaces that pass-in field value with "https://hostingproject.sawtoothsoftware.com/cgi-bin/" which means the redirect doesn't work.

I then tried to break the unique link down to a base link, make the appended variable the pass-in fields, then redirect to the base link with piped in pass-in fields but that doesn't work either because the two variables that would need be to pass-in fields have underscores in the name (Q_DL, Q_CHL).

Is there a workaround for making the terminate link not append any characters before the full redirectURL pass-in code? Alternatively, is there a workaround to allow underscores in a pass-in field?
closed with the note: As soon as I post, it decides to work with the full URL pass-in field and stopped appending the Sawtooth URL to the beginning. I'm not sure what I changed that may have had that effect, but it is now working!
asked May 29, 2018 by Brianna Boyer (205 points)
closed May 29, 2018 by Brianna Boyer
Hi Brianna.

I know you wrote this some time ago but it would be better option to create a Max Diff Design in Max Diff Designer. I've used Qualtrics in that way before. I got a block design in Max Diff Designer and then hard programmed all the blocks directly in Qualtrics.