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Define what answer shows

Good morning team

My question is the following:
I have this example

p1. Do you like the Sony brand?
1. I like it a lot
2. I like it
3. I do not like it
4. I do not like it at all

p2. I would buy the sony brand

1. if I would buy it
2. I would buy it
3. I would not buy it
4. I would never buy it

how could I do that in p1 I chose option 1 "I like it a lot"
so on p2 do not show me the answer options 3 and 4

I'm trying using constructedlist  with the following logic but it does not work for me.

Begin Unverified Perl

if (VALUE ("P1") == 1)
{REMOVE ("COMPR", 3,4)}

End Unverified
asked Apr 25, 2018 by JuanPablo687 (245 points)

1 Answer

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It looks like you are just missing a semi-colon at the end of your REMOVE statement.

Begin Unverified Perl

if (VALUE ("P1") == 1)
{REMOVE ("COMPR", 3,4);}

End Unverified
answered Apr 25, 2018 by Jay Rutherford Gold (28,975 points)
Also, you need to add the original list before you begin removing items. As it stands, the list is blank so the REMOVE (even with the semicolon) would have no effect.
Ah, thanks Aaron, I forgot to mention that piece.  Only slightly important. :-)