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Format grid questions and SP experiments

if someone knows to help me to format tables in Sawtooth.
1. Grid questions: i have three grid questions that i use them to measure scales. The first column contains the question, whereas the next 7 (a 7 point scale) contain the number e.g. 1 (not satisfied)....7 (totally satisfied).
How can i format the first column to be much wider to show the text like, 'Were you satisfied with  the service you received?' than the next 7 columns which contain only the number (7 not satisfied...etc)
I tried several time to change: width of labels % and cell padding (pixels) but i didn't manage to create such a table that i describe above. Only the first column to be wider and the next 7 to be much narower.
2. SP experiments: Each experiments contains 4 columns: 1st the attributes, next 2 the attribute's level and the third  the choice of 'no choice'. Here i try to widen columns and diminish the height of the cell, but i can't manage it. I tired several times, with the cell padding, with the widths of label and the task width but no success.
Has anyone any idea?
it is really important issue the image of the questionnaire, that is why, i would really appreciate if i get an answer to my request.
Thank you in advance
asked Mar 8 by iralexia14 (380 points)

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I would like to help you out with this but for better understanding could you please share the code or probably a link for better understanding.

What you are doing is perfectly fine and it works. Setting width of the grids using %. The only catch here would be to call the script/css when the grid is loaded completely. In cases where you call the autofitting script even before the element is created, it doesn't work.
Try adding your custom script to the question footer and make sure to use the "!important" tag to override the existing element properties set by sawtooth.

Reach out to me in case you have any questions/concerns.
answered Mar 9 by Arpit Thukral Bronze (905 points)
selected Mar 10 by iralexia14