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Error when saving analysis summaries


I was trying to save several analysis summaries. At first it seems to work out but as soon as I try to open some of the saved files I get error messages that the files cannot be opened and that I should check if they were deleted or renamed. Do you have any idea what is causing this issue?

Thank you!

Best regards,
asked Feb 22 by Carla Merz (230 points)
Where are you saving the summaries?  

What program are you using to open the files?

What is the error message you get?

Hey Jon,
I saved the summaries locally on my laptop.
I am using Excel 2016 to open the files.
The Error message I get is in German but it says:
"We cannot find "(file path)". Is it possible that the file was moved, renamed, or deleted?"

Thank you for your help!
Let's have you give us a call so we can take a look.  It could be where you're saving the file.  Maybe it's getting backed up by OneDrive or something?  


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