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Format experiments

How can I format the tables in my experiments?
size of table
size of columns and rows
asked Feb 10 by ALEXIA
What tables do you mean?  Tables in your question texts?  Grid questions?
Each choice, is included into a table, which has the attributes on the left and the attributes' level on the right. Each experiments includes 3 choices. At the moment these three tables are very narrow and very long, whereas they could be wider and shorter.
I tried many times to change the size, by the 'Format' but i didn't manage.
Have you got any idea how to format these tables?
Hi Alexia,

We can help you format your CBC task. Can you share your uploaded link or Sawtooth file so that we can check what is avoiding you to do the needful.

I can send it the .rar file through email.
I don't know how to attach this file, in this place.
Can you please advise?

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