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how to handle my data?

Hey! Just a brief question. When I want to use my study with another computer. What data do I need to take with me in order to conduct my analysis as usual? The whole study file? Or is the "blue" Sawtooth file enough?
asked Jan 30, 2018 by alex

1 Answer

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Alex, at a minimum you'll need
1.  The .ssi file - this is the program that contains the survey
2.  The .db3 file - this contains the respondent data
3.  If your study included a conjoint or MaxDiff experiment then you'll need the .cgi file as well, as that contains the design that tells you which respondents saw which conjoint questions.
answered Jan 30, 2018 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (66,325 points)