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How to generate and redirect IDs to an external panel provider?

Hi there,

I'm working with an external panel provider who wants to generate an individual ID when the panelists click on the link of the survey. The problem is that the panelists do not know their ID, so I cannot work with a password-field.  According to the panel provider,  I need an  ID which is automatically generated when clicking on the link and that ID must be redirected to the panel provider afterwards. So I need to know whether SSI generates such an ID by clicking on the link and if so, how it is called so that I can refer to that ID in the redirect-links at the end of the study.

Any help is appreciated.

asked Jan 23, 2018 by Maike

1 Answer

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Usually Panel companies will add a variable to the link you provide them.  You need to capture that variable as a Pass-In field and then you can return it when redirecting.
-First, find out what Pass-In Variables the company will have.  They can not have non-alpha-numeric characters.  So, for instance they may add 'PID' and 'RNID'.
-Next, go to the Pass-In Fields tab in your Questionnaire Access and Passwords area of the program.  Add the variables they want to pass in.
-Then at each terminate question of your survey, go to the settings tab and tick the 'Link to a Questionnaire or Website' box and put the redirect URL there.
-They usually provide a different one for Disqualifieds, OverQuotas and Completes
- so in their redirect they may show to pass back PID and it would look like "&PID=[% PID %]"  Here you are setting the value of PID to the value of the PID variable you captured in the pass-in
answered Jan 23, 2018 by Jay Rutherford Gold (27,350 points)
Thank you very much, Jay, that sounds logic to me!  I just wasn't sure, whether the panelists have to put something in the pass-in-field or if it works automatically without panelists noticing it at all. Thank you very much! I'll try this.
Kind regards