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Combine seperate maxdiff excercises into one excercise.


We have a study with 7 maxdiff excercises. Each excercise has the same attribute list and same design settings except for the design seed.
A person could do up to 2 maxdiff excercises depending on their recent dining experiences. We have run the analysis for each dining experience (dining alone, with a partner, with friends, special occasions, etc.) but the client has now asked for combined overall dining experience figures.

I know how to reformat the data to do this but was just wondering whether it is valid to combine these dining experiences when the bases for some dining experiences are 4 times as high as other dining experiences?(e.g. We had a lot less people go through the special dining occasions with
 friends than  the everday dining occasions with family)
asked Jan 22, 2018 by PaulKallis Bronze (885 points)

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