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skip logic and dealing with 2 sets of conjoint questions

I have a question like this:
What is your preferred mode of transport?
(Here we have radio buttons)
Public transport
Private transport

Based on the response which is either option one or two, the respondent will be shown 8 CBC questions.

I defined a logic for this question like this:

Skip questions 5 to 13 if
Q4 = "Public transport"

Skip questions 14 to 21 if
Q4 = "Private transport"

The error tells me that Q4 is numeric and I am assigning a list, but Q4 should not be numeric!

I look forward to any help.

asked Jan 14 by Hopin (155 points)

1 Answer

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If the transport question is displaying radio buttons, that tells me you have a select question.

Therefore, your skip logic should be as follows ...

Skip questions 5 to 13 if
Q4 = 1

Skip questions 14 to 21 if
Q4 = 2
answered Jan 14 by Paul Moon Platinum (65,950 points)
selected Jan 14 by Hopin