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I'm using the Highlight Question from the library, when I open there is only the button for resetting all Highlighting.

The example shows another button to Undo last highlight.  Is that not a feature with this question?

In addition to the Undo the Last Highlight, is there a way to require an answer to this question or to confirm there would be nothing they would highlight before going on?
asked Jan 9, 2018 by James W.
James, may I ask what version of Sawtooth Software you are currently using to begin with? I believe this feature will work in v8+v9? Zachary Anderson is best to confirm this however.

My knowledge of this question type is you can click or tap a word and then do the same again to un-highlight.

I was using this question feature in a recent survey.

The current functioning of this question type is if the respondent does not want to click on any text, they proceed forward, and no data will be captured.

I assume Zachary will respond to this question type at his next opportunity.
I am using version 9.5.3.  The question seems to work fine, it's just there is only one button for removing all highlights, rather than the two shown in the example.
You can turn the highlighting off on any words by clicking on the same word.

Best to include this in your instructions to the respondent within the question script.

If you require modifications to this question feature, I suggest you contact Zachary Anderson via this forum.

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It looks like an old version of the highlight question made it up to the website.  Not sure how or when that happened, but I've gone ahead and re-uploaded the latest version of the question.  If you download the question again, you should have the missing button.

The "per-word" version of the question that Paul mentioned is a custom version of the question I made a few months ago.  I planned on putting it up on the community library as a separate library item once any bugs got worked out, but never got around to it.
answered Jan 9, 2018 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (100,925 points)
Thanks for confirming Zachary. Onya mate.