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How to add non-movable headers when setting up Ranking Drag and Drop question

I have a list of 19 items with 2 headers.  The first header is followed by 12 items and the 2nd header is followed by 7 items.  My client would like to keep the 2 column headers and allow the respondents to click and drag to rank 3 top items.  

I created a ranking question with the predefined list consisting of the 19 items.  

I tried using this code but it did not work.

    // Header info
    var headers = [
        { min: 2, max: 13, label: 'Herd Health Management' },
        { min: 14, max: 20, label: 'Reproductive Health and Genetic' },
    // Add headers
    var list = $('input[name=hid_list_[% QuestionName() %]]').val().split(',').map(Number);
    for (var h = headers.length - 1; h >= 0; h--) {
        var header = headers[h];
        var includeHeader = false;
        var earliestHeaderItem;
        for (var i = header.max; i >= header.min; i--) {
            if (list.indexOf(i) !== -1) {
                includeHeader = true;
                earliestHeaderItem = i;
        if (includeHeader) {
            $('#[% QuestionName() %]_' + earliestHeaderItem).closest('.response_row')
                .before('<div>' + header.label + '</div>');

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
asked Dec 26, 2017 by ssearcy (160 points)

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