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ACBC: Including moderating variables in the analysis


I am a Student at the Philipps-University of Marburg and at the moment I am writing my master thesis. I am using the ACBC to analyze preferences of job attributes. I already generated and collected data via Lighthouse Studio and conducted an HB analysis to calculate the utilities.

In my thesis I am also analyzing the effects of moderating variables such as gender, age, personality and branch involvement.

Is there a possibility to analyze those effects in the Lightshouse Studio Software?

To evaluate personality e.g. I used 40 items in my survey, which can be accumulated into 5 personality traits. I want to research the effect of those 5 personality traits on the preference of attribute levels.

Via SPSS I calculated new variables for each personality traits. Is it possible to do something similar using the Lighthouse Studio and do you have any experience on how to do such an analysis using Lighthouse Studio or SPSS?

Thank you for your Help.

Best regards
asked Dec 22, 2017 by Julia

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