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Removing brackets around pass-in fields in terminate links

We're working with a partner to launch a survey which we've programmed. They need us to include their redirect links in the terminates. They have unique IDs which I have fed into the survey via the pass-in field and need to pipe them through into the redirects for completes, disqualifications, and quota full. I can get the ID to return back using &user_id=[%id%] in the terminate link, however is there a way to get them pulled into the redirects without the [ ] around the id? It is messing up the link because their ID does not include the brackets. Sawtooth help mentions using the brackets to automatically pull the pass-in fields, and without the brackets, the automatic pull doesn't work (it just has %id% in the URL, but doesn't grab the pass-in field). Thoughts?

"When linking from an SSI Web survey to another SSI Web survey, to dynamically insert the respondent's passwords (named, as an example, myusername and mypassword), use [%myusername%] and [%mypassword%], for example."
asked Dec 7, 2017 by Rick
The brackets and percentage symbols should not print out to the redirect link when using Sawtooth Script.  Do the IDs themselves have brackets in them?  Is there any whitespace between the bracket characters and the percentage symbols?
In the terminate / link it is coded as:  &user_id=[%id%]

When the respondent terminates, the link they are brought to has the id pass-in field inside the brackets (no percentage symbols though). There aren't any spaces in the coding or in the redirect link.
Never mind Zachary, I figured it out, thanks!

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