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How can I prevent that you can use the "back" button in the survey?

asked Nov 29, 2017 by Hannah

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You can remove the back button in the software by adding this to each page you don't want it. [% RemovePrevious() %].  Also on the Survey settings under the Browser Settings is a checkbox to disable the browser back button.
answered Nov 29, 2017 by Jay Rutherford Gold (27,350 points)
thank  you! it worked.
I am having a similiar question.
I disabled browser back button in the settings. But subjects can still use back button from 2nd site to go back to the 1st site. But it doesn´t work any more from 3rd site. Is that normal?
Not sure if I understand what you mean about 1st, 2nd and 3rd site.
I am having 3+ sites.
1st site select question
2nd site text
3rd site text
4th ...

I disabled browser back button in the settings.

On the 2nd site I can jump back to the first site by using backspace or browser back button
On the 3rd site it doesnt work any longer, I cannot go back to the 2nd site. Same applies for all the future sites.

So my question is, why can I jump back from 2nd to the 1st site despite having disabled that?
That seems very odd that it isn't working after the first question, but does work beyond that.  I am unable to replicate that issue.  What browser are you using?
Firefox 57.0.1
That is what I tested on as well.
That is strange :D