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Customised Display of Summed Pricing

Testing a monthly service within ACBC, I have an attribute with an internal label called "length":

It has attributes:

1. 3 months
2. 6 months
3. 12 months

Summed Pricing calculated the total cost with an internal label "price"

I would like to either hover over the price or append more preferably append and display the calculated monthly price rounded up.

I have come some way using this script:


... but this disables the default functionality and requires an interger as the denominator where all I have are string labels, with levels 1 to 4. I believe I would need to capture attribute being shown.
closed with the note: Solved
asked Nov 22, 2017 by RyanAA (120 points)
closed Nov 27, 2017 by RyanAA