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Include reference point


I have conducted a LCA and I would like to compare my results with a reference group. So, I have 3 groups, and I would like to take one as a reference. How to accomplish this goal?

Plus, if I don't use a reference group, how can I get a reference point for each attribute?

I'm yet not sure which type is more preferred in research, thus not decided.

asked Nov 13, 2017 by Laura

1 Answer

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I'm not sure what value there is to having a reference group.  I mean, you want to look at the other groups relative to it for what purpose?  

As it is you can directly test any of your three groups against the other two, but labeling one of them "Reference," unless I'm missing something, doesn't seem to me to add any insight to such analysis.
answered Nov 14, 2017 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (64,975 points)