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Mirror Function w/Other Specifies


My 1st parent list (List name: PL1) contains 5 other specifies.
I constructed a list (List name: CSL1) based on the 1st parent list  (List name: PL1) where AIC (QS6).  

I have a 2nd parent list (List name: PL2) in which I changed the last answer text

I used the Mirror function Mirror (CSL1) to construct a list (List name: CSL2) where the parent list is the 2nd parent list (List name: PL2)

The issue I am having is that I am looping the 2nd constructed list (List name: CSL2) through 1 question and the other specifies are coming in as Other specify instead of the text that was typed in.

What can I do to have the other specify text brought in?
asked Nov 9, 2017 by Sandy

1 Answer

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I deal with that a lot.  Easy fix.  Where your original list may contain Other (specify) as the text and when a constructed list uses that as the parent list it will carry through the actual text from the other specify response.  If you are using the mirror function then your new list instead of Other (specify) as the text just needs to call upon the text response from the question you are looking to get it from.  So, let's say you have a constructed list coming from responses to Q1, where the 5th item at Q1 was Other (specify).  Then the list you will use for the mirror you can make the 5th item [% Q1_5_other %]
answered Nov 9, 2017 by Jay Rutherford Gold (27,350 points)