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Increase length of time that tooltip appears?

How can I increase the amount of time that tool tip text appears when I hover over it?

For example, the following tooltip text appears for about 7 seconds before disappearing.

<img src="[%GraphicsPath()%]info_button_rsg.png" alt="" border="0" title="My tooltip text">

It appears (on Stack Overflow) that there isn't a simple solution <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1530028/how-to-increase-default-hover-duration-of-a-title-attribute-tooltip>

I just asked a similar question about tooltip font size here: <https://sawtoothsoftware.com/forum/15955/increasing-the-font-size-on-an-html-title-attribute>
asked Nov 7 by ertingen Bronze (615 points)

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I'll answer my own question. The answer was essentially provided here:


The suggestion was to use Sawtooth's ToolTip() function rather than the HTML title attribute. This way, the tooltip appearance will not time out.
answered Nov 9 by ertingen Bronze (615 points)