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Problem with Internet Explorer

Hi Zachary,

just have discovered that above code doesn't quite work in the Internet Explorer browser. In Mozilla Firefox it works perfect but for some reason not in IE.  Do you know why ?

asked Nov 6 by robson Bronze (595 points)

1 Answer

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Sorry about that.  Please give this replacement a try:

function SSI_CustomGraphicalCheckbox(GraphicalCheckboxObj, InputObj, blnCheck)
    if (blnCheck && /^Q16_a_/.test(InputObj.name))
        document.getElementById('Q16_b_1').checked = false;
        document.getElementById('Q16_b_1_graphical').className = 'graphical_select radiobox';
answered Nov 6 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (63,475 points)
Thank you Zachary ! Works perfect!