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How to concatenate ci3 dat files?

I need to concatenate few ci3 .dat files to process only one file, there are 50 pc's and it will be much faster.

Does anyone have an idea??

I have tried concatenate text and binary and I get "Invalid Segment for respondent 0" error.
asked Jun 20, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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We at Six 9s Customer Research often have a need to concatenate dat files from SSI Web 6.4.2 survey versions to reach our client's goals.

For example, we recently conducted a survey in Japanese, Korean, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, as well as English. We needed to combine the dat files from each and then process the combined dat file using SSI Web Data Cleaner to create new dat files for each of the client's plants in Germany, UK, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, and China. We then created findings reports for each of the plants.

We concatenated the original dat files using Notepad. We then added some null answers to selected respondents who were missing some questions in order to use Data Cleaner to create the plant dat files. After getting help from Sawtooth Software Support on how to update the header entries of these added answers, all went well.

While our experience here was with SSI Web 6.4.2 dat files, the approach may work with ci3 dat files.
answered Jul 5, 2012 by anonymous