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Decrease Row Height of None Option

Good Afternoon,

I am using version 9.4 and have a traditional none option shown as a concept below my CBC task. Does anyone know how I would go about decreasing the height of the "NONE" answer box only?

Thanks in advance,

asked Oct 31, 2017 by LisaVogl Bronze (530 points)

1 Answer

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The none option has a lot of padding that can be removed with CSS.  Here are the CSS selectors using the current default paddings:

.cbc_task:not(.owl-loaded) .none_concept .none_cell {
    padding-top: 24px;
    padding-bottom: 12px;

.cbc_task:not(.owl-loaded) .none_concept .concept_cell {
    padding-top: 24px;
    padding-bottom: 24px;

You can lessen any of those padding values until you get a height you like.
answered Oct 31, 2017 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (111,175 points)
selected Oct 31, 2017 by LisaVogl