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Summed Pricing not displayed in BYO screen


I'm building a survey with 7 attributes + 1 summed pricing attribute.
There is no price attribute among the 7 attributes.
The summed pricing attribute is only linked to 1 attribute (3 different levels hence 3 different component prices and no component prices for other attribute levels).

1) I would like the BYO screen to display only the features and the features' levels but not the "Cost for feature" column, would that be possible?

2) I would like the 3 feature levels impacting the summed pricing not to display the $+xxx component price, would that be possible as well ?

Many thanks for your help !
asked Oct 31, 2017 by luclepage2017 (225 points)

1 Answer

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It would be a bad thing for proper utility estimation to hide the price component for the one attribute that has "level-based prices" in the BYO, because the data file will want to record that the respondent saw the attribute levels at the attached levels prices, and made his/her choice accordingly.
answered Oct 31, 2017 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (174,440 points)
Got your point Bryan thanks.
Would it still be feasable ?
Thank you
Well, you're trying to fight against what the software naturally is trying to do.

To accomplish these issues, I think would require custom programming to make the software not display what it wants to display in the BYO.  Then, also to change how ACBC software wants to estimate the utilities.  Custom programming would need to be turned over to our consulting division.  I don't know how much it might cost to do.