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ACBC: dependent attribute level

Dear Sawtooth Team,

I have a question regarding a dependent attribute level the  below example: Attr. C Level 2 can only be chosen if at least one of the levels 2 or 3 of Attr. A or B are chosen before, or any combination of these. Only if Level 1 of Attr.  A and B are chosen together, Level 1 in Attr. must be chosen. For clarification purposes: Attr. C is a certification, that can only be applied if special production processes (Attr. A and B, levels 2 +3) are applied. Attr. C level 1 is "no certification" and can therefore be applied to all levels, of Attr. A and B as special and conventional can be "not certified". Attr. C level 2. is "third-party certified processes" which is only for special production processes possible.

Attr. A
Level 1 (independent)
Level 2 (independent)
Level 3 (independent)

Attr. B
Level 1(independent)
Level 2 (independent)
Level 3 (independent)

Attr. C
Level 1 (indepedent)
Level 2 (DEPENDENT: at  least one of the  Attr. A or B  level 2 or 3 are chosen  any combination of it )

 In my actual ACBC there are  3 attributes and 7 levels that the depent attribute level is dependent on (which I leftout to make the example not too big). So I was considering tthe following options:

 a) via prohibtions: however those are not recommended if there are multiple prohibitions, which would be necessary. Also, would prohibitions apply to the BYO section? e.g. someone would choose Attr. A and B Level 1 each, and wanted  to choose level 2 of Attr. C (the dependent one) which would be prohibited. would the person get a popup to change the prior choices? or choice Level 1 instead of Attr. C?

or b) via implying Attr. C in the other attributes: duplicate those levels of Attr. A and B, where level 2 of Attr. C is applicable and call them the same + level name of Attr. C level 2 and delete Attr. C as a stand-alone attribute. The problem with this is manyfold: 1) I have no importance score  for the Attr. C anymore   2) the duplicated levels lead to a high number of levels overall, so I had to exclude some original levels for Attr. A and B in order to have a reasonable number of levels  3)  how can I analyze the utils from the original and duplicated level? how would I  interpret them?

c) exclude Attr. C: as it is quite important I would rather refrain from doing so. If however the first two options are not recommended it would theoretically be possible.

Many thanks in advance for your always very helpful comments!
asked Oct 15, 2017 by Luke (280 points)
retagged Oct 15, 2017 by Walter Williams

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