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Skip logic to ACBC without BYO

I want to have skip logic to go from a certain question directly to an ACBC exercise. This is not possible in a direct way, so I added an empty text question right before the ACBC exercise, i.e. right before the BYO.

However, because we have chosen not to show the BYO in the ACBC, I have just my empty text question appearing on a page.

How can I skip directly to an ACBC that does not show the first question (i.e. the BYO)?
asked Oct 12 by Bart

1 Answer

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Hi Bart,

You can select "No" in "Include in BYO" for all attributes. This will hide BYO section of ACBC.

answered Oct 13 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (27,605 points)