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Print study error PDF


I use the 9.4.0 version and when I click on print study Graphical view PDF, an error is display :

The server returned the following error message : The StudyToHTML function failed to complete. Check the post body of your request and try again. Can't use string ("0") as a HASH ref while "stricts refs" in use at .../Server/cgi-bin/autlib9_4_0.pl line 17, line 252.

Could you help me ?

Thank you
asked Oct 3 by Virginie (120 points)

1 Answer

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This is a known issue and will be fixed in the coming release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
answered Oct 3 by Jon Heaton Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (6,555 points)
Just as an FYI, the bug is triggered by printing terminate/link type questions.  You can try excluding them from printing if you want the rest of your survey to still print.