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Disabling back button for specified time


I used to use the code below to disable the 'Next' button for a specified time. It replaced the next text with a countdown timer. With this newer software this no longer seems to work. Can anyone tell me where this broke? I assume it is simply a reference to how the next button is called.

<script type="text/javascript">

function disableNext ( )
  originalValue = document.mainform.sys_next_button.value;
  document.mainform.sys_next_button.disabled = true;
  document.mainform.sys_next_button.value = "Please wait (" + timeOutRemaining-- + " seconds)";
  setTimeout ( "countDown()", 1000 );

function countDown() {
    document.mainform.sys_next_button.value = "Please wait (" + timeOutRemaining + " seconds)";
    if(timeOutRemaining > 0) {
              setTimeout("countDown();", 1000);
        } else {

function enableNextButton ()
  document.mainform.sys_next_button.disabled = false;
  document.mainform.sys_next_button.value = originalValue;

window.onload = disableNext;
var originalValue;
var timeOutRemaining = 30; //30 Seconds
asked Sep 26 by Ron H.
Would it be sufficient if a rewritten script simply hid the navigation buttons for thirty seconds while showing that message in the button's place during the duration?
Yes, that would work too. I simply need to force the respondent to stay on the page for a given amount of time - the length of a video that is being shown on that screen.

1 Answer

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Try this:

#next_button {
    display: none;

$(window).on('load', function(){
    var delay = 10;
    $('.submit_div').after('<p class="delayContainer">Please wait (<span class="delay">30</span> seconds)</p>');
    var interval = setInterval(function(){
        if (delay <= 0) {
            $('#previous_button, #next_button').css('display', 'inline-block');
    }, 1000);
answered Sep 27 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (63,775 points)