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What is 206 error

We get 206 error when we try to use our survey more than 10 people at the moment.

What it means? How can we solve
asked Sep 22, 2017 by Mustafa

1 Answer

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Please send your error log file into support@sawtoothsoftware.com so we can take a closer look.
answered Sep 22, 2017 by Justin Luster Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (7,775 points)
I'm not system admin i am only a trainer which using this with my trainees. But when i ask admin about this they told me that "It's a client side problem through internet connection speed" but i don't think it's right. Is it a client side or server side problem? That's my main question
This is a server side issue.   We need more details from the log in order to look into it.