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How to save an ID in URL and return it back to panel provider

Hello sawtooth community!

I hope you can help me.  
I’ve purchased respondents from a panel provider for my survey  (example link: http://www.umfragekunde.com/umfrage/start.php). Thereupon the participants will be invited from the panel provider and directed to my survey link. Here, every participant receives an individual ID, which is highlighted by the field „our_ticket”. For example:  http://www.umfragekunde.com/umfrage/start.php?tic=[our ticket]. This ID consists of an alpha numeric string of approx. 120 characters.   

I need to save the ID and return it back to the provider using  Redirect-URLs with the variable identification „return_tic“. It is necessary to distinguish between the following URL’s for the different completion statuses:  
Complete (c_0002=1):
http://www.respondi.com/s/XXXXX/ospe.php3?c_0002=1&return_tic=[our ticket]
Screenout (c_0002=0):
http://www.respondi.com/s/XXXXX/ospe.php3?c_0002=0&return_tic=[our ticket]
Quotafull (c_0002=2):
http://www.respondi.com/s/XXXXX/ospe.php3?c_0002=2&return_tic=[our ticket]

I need to give back the information to the provider in the URL so that participants get the incentives, they deserve, e.g. completed earns more money.

Now, I'm not sure how to accomplish this goal in sawtooth!

First, I went to the section 'Questionnaire and Access and Passwords'. There I created a new variable in Pass-In Fields called tic, text variable. Does it matter which name I use? I wanted to use return_tic but it was not possible because of '_' and return tic (with space) was also not possible.

Then, I created two terminate questions. I left the section 'Question Text' blank for both and just changed 'Settings'.
1st terminate question input: I have a check on Terminate Respondent, Termination status is 'Qualified' and no disposition code. Also a check on link on a questionnaire or website. With the following URL: https://mingle.respondi.com/s/XXXXXXXX/ospe.php3?c_0002=1&return_tic=[% tic %]
2nd terminate question input:  have a check on Terminate Respondent, Termination status is 'Qualified' and no disposition code. Also a check on link on a questionnaire or website. With the following URL: https://mingle.respondi.com/s/XXXXXXXX/ospe.php3?c_0002=0&return_tic=[%tic%]

I'm not sure, if  tic (the ID) has to be rather saved/stored in the password field? Do I save the right thing and in a correct way?  And what does disposition code mean?

Thanks in advance!!
asked Sep 5, 2017 by Kerry (160 points)

1 Answer

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This is very common when dealing with panel companies.  You were on the right track.  Whatever variable they "append" to your links you must have defined in the Pass-In Fields tab.  The variables can not contain special characters such as an underscore.  You need to let the Panel Company know that and they can change the name of the variable they append.  Once the variable they append matches the one you have added to the Pass-In tab, it will store the data.  Now you can send back any variable name you want, just like in the examples of what you did.  If they were to change the variable they append to 'tic' for example that would have worked fine.
answered Sep 6, 2017 by Jay Rutherford Gold (30,250 points)
I also forgot to respond to your question about disposition code.  That is just an option for you to easily categorize completed surveys and/or disqualifies or over quotas by specific codes.  For instance, if you had 5 different questions where someone might terminate for qualifications you could send each to it's own terminate page with a different disposition code to more easily track why someone terminated.  It it purely an optional field but I find it to be quite useful.