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Make label column in a grid question extra wide

In a row-direction grid, I want to make the label column on the left hand side much larger than the subsequent grid columns. Ideally the body width would be 500 (current setting) and the label column would be 400 pixels.
asked Aug 31, 2017 by anonymous
I'm unsure your vision for this question.  When I set the label column to 100% width, the column became as wide as it could be without encroaching on the radio buttons.  How do you envision this column being wider without covering up the input elements?
Upon playing around with it a little more, I realized I was doing something dumb. I had set the body width too small for even 100% to give me the width I wanted. Thanks!

1 Answer

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Go into your grid question and click on the Format tab.

You will see an option called "Width of Label Column (%)". Fiddle with this number to get your desired width of the labels column.
answered Aug 31, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (67,375 points)
Even if I set it to 100, it's still too skinny - I think the issue is that I want the label column to be much wider than the items in the grid (it has a lot of text, while the other columns are just radio buttons). I can't put in a value greater than 100. Is there another way to edit this?
That I'm unsure of? I've never had that situation knock on my door before.

I will ask Zachary Anderson at Sawtooth Software to offer a more advanced solution with some CSS.
thank you!
I have forwarded a request to Zachary Anderson. He is an expert in these matters.