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set quota on demographics (gender, age, income, education)


I need your help. I want a representative numer of people of my country. Meaning, I want e.g. 60% to be male and 40% to be female. 20% of the people should be under 20, 30% around 20-39 years old. 20% should have an income lower than 500 Euro and so on. So how to do that? I did:

Value/Cell Name/Cell Limit/Qualification Logic
1 Males 250 gender=1
2 Females 240 gender=2
3 Young 90 age=1
4Grownup 100 age=2

But is that ok? I fear that I may get e.g. 250 males and 240 females but the other quotas will not match my desired number.

Please help me.
asked Jul 21, 2017 by Kerry (160 points)
reshown Dec 7, 2018 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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You can definitely do that.  Remember that each quota question will only track in one of the defined categories, so you would want to set up one quota question for gender, another one for age group and then a third for income level.  You can set up as many independent quota questions as you need.
answered Jul 21, 2017 by Jay Rutherford Gold (30,250 points)