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Quotas connected to several questions and multiple response questions

Hey all,
after searching for a long time in the whole forum I still did not manage to fix my problems, so I decided to ask for your help.
I am currently working on Quotas: First in one quota box I restrict participants dependent on their age to a certain number, lets say 50. This seems to work. Then in a second quota box I want restrict participants on their age and on their status of having kids. Therefore I made use of the following quota code: (Age < 30) and (Children <> 1), where "1" is connected to not having any children.  In that way I want to restrict Young Families to a number of 50 as well. This somehow does not seem to work, as I always get screened out/ terminated after the "children" question when I am testing my survey.
I also get this problem when setting quotas for a multiple response question, where I put up the quota code as follow: (Question10_5 = 1) Where the fifth option of "Question10" describes the response I want to restrict.
I hope anyone can somehow understand my problem and I apologize in advance for any inconveniences trying to figure it out, since I am not a native speaker.
Many thanks in advance!
asked Jul 17, 2017 by julians1693 (120 points)
edited Jul 18, 2017 by julians1693
Your logic looks good, so perhaps the problem exists somewhere else.  Our support team may be able to help locate the issue if you want to call them or email them your study.
Hi Zachary,
thanks for your response. I already managed to solve the problem but thank you for offering your help!

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