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Constructed List // multiple grid response // SSI Web 8


I have a multiple response grid question with 7 rows and 10 columns with respective combinations which a respondent can check. Now, I want to show the checked combinations on the next page in a select question. How can I create a constructed list, which combines the row + column labels as well as the cell label and is displayed on the next page?

Most important would be to know how to create the constructed lists, because with a perl function I do not know which parent list to choose. Thank you in advance for your help guys!
asked Jul 4, 2017 by Nabil Djemai

1 Answer

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If you have 7 rows and 10 columns, you have 70 unique codes to display at the next select question.

Create a parent list with the 70 combinations. The order is important here. Define them as follows ...

1:Row 1-Column 1
2:Row 1-Column 2
3:Row 1-Column 3
4:Row 1-Column 4
5:Row 1-Column 5
6:Row 1-Column 6
7:Row 1-Column 7
8:Row 1-Column 8
9:Row 1-Column 9
10:Row 1-Column 10
61:Row 7-Column 1
62:Row 7-Column 2
63:Row 7-Column 3
64:Row 7-Column 4
65:Row 7-Column 5
66:Row 7-Column 6
67:Row 7-Column 7
68:Row 7-Column 8
69:Row 7-Column 9
70:Row 7-Column 10

I have assumed your MR grid is Q1 and your select question is Q2. I have assumed your grid to be a row direction grid also.

Insert this Perl script into the constructed list to be used in your Q2 select question.
Begin Unverified Perl

my $x=1;
my $y=1;
my $counter=1;

for ($x=1; $x<=7; $x++)
  for ($y=1; $y<=10; $y++)
    if (VALUE("Q1_r".$x."_c".$y)==1)

End Unverified

Forgive me as I have not had a chance to test this but I feel it will work for you.
answered Jul 5, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (74,205 points)