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If Constructed list is not built for a question in the loop then entire loop is exited instead of skipping that question

We have identified this case recently, not sure if this is existing in SSI earlier also.

Consider questions Q1,Q2,Q3 are in loop for 3 times and list for questions is displayed dynamically based on few conditions and there is a possibility of empty list. If in 2nd iteration Q2 list in empty, in this case after answering the Q1 and clicking next button entire loop is exited by skipping 3rd iteration.
Ideally, in this case Q2 for 2nd iteration should be skipped and Q3 should have been shown, followed by 3rd iteration.

Does anyone encountered this scenario, we have identified this happening recently for couple of studies. We have overcome this by adding a dummy element into the constructed list of Q2 question and placing skip logic based on dummy option to skip Q2.

We had a workaround but just wanted to know and understand why this loops are having this strange functionality?
asked Jun 12, 2017 by Bharath Bronze (695 points)
retagged Jun 12, 2017 by Walter Williams
Bharath, I haven't personally experienced what you have mentioned.

When you encounter loops and skips together, you need to be very careful in managing them.

I was wondering if you were using "End of Loop" instead of "Next Loop Iteration"? Just a thought.

I would send an example of your ssi file and data to Sawtooth Software support at support@sawtoothsoftware.com. It would probably be a good idea to determine what the cause is.

Keep us informed via this forum post. Thanks.
And I forgot to mention are your constructed lists empty for the 3rd iteration set of questions, hence the skipping patterns?
Paul, Sure I will update in the forum once we hear back form support team.

List for 3rd iteration is not empty and we are using next loop iteration in skip logics. Thank You!
OK, thanks.

That removes those potential problems.

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