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Assessing significance of willingness to pay

Hello everyone,
I have two questions:

1. I calculated the WTP with the zero-centered utilties from the utility report of Sawtooth Lighthouse Studio (HB estimation) for three different groups in the same study. I put their groups as a covariate.  I see now that there is a difference, but I am not sure if the difference is significant. How can I assess it?

2. To see if the utilites are significant, I look into the  alpha data and perform a t-test (when I only have two groups) to see if they are significantly different from each other(I exclude the first 10,000 iterations that were used for convergence). But what do I do when I have three groups?

Thanks in advance for your help. Enjoy your weekend!
asked Jun 11, 2017 by JanaJardir2 (235 points)
retagged Jun 11, 2017 by Walter Williams

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