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Sparse Maxdiff get all items shown atleast once for 83 items

I have 83 Items, and currently have 5 items per set and 17 number of set per respondent. I need to show ALL items at least once for every single respondent.
asked May 25, 2017 by saintrenz (145 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, with Sparse MaxDiff we usually do at least one view per item per respondent.  

Of course it's possible to go more sparse than that and have items seen less than once per respondent on average.  I'm not aware of any empirical research that has reported on the reduction in quality of the utilities that would result but I suppose anyone who's done Sparse MaxDiff with 1 view per item per respondent could look into this issue by running their analysis using just 3/4 of their choice sets, for example.
answered May 26, 2017 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (66,325 points)
OK, the Version 7 I believe uses our older designer.  The advent of Sparse put more pressure on respondent-level designs, and our newer designer is much improved.  I just ran the design in the current version of our software and I don't see what you're seeing at all.  My versions each have each item shown at least once, and two of them twice, to each respondent.
Is there an workaround in version 7?
Not that I am aware of, but you might want to contact Support@sawtoothsoftware.com
thanks, I also tried 10 item and 20 screens, at first it shows all, the second try it lacks 1 attribute..
Please talk to Mark, with whom I've been emailing.