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How to Generate Link survey

Dear All,

How can i generate link survey and send direct to respondent?

I mean that, when i send a link survey to respondent "A", so respondent "A" can complete only 1. If the respondent "A" click this link again it show message "This link already completed or submitted".

Is it possible? if yes, please help give me detail how to do this?

Many thanks.
asked May 16, 2017 by Saroeun

2 Answers

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I'll use a simple example. Let's say you need to send 100 unique survey links to 100 individual respondents.

*Click on the Key / Access button at the top.
*Click on the "Passwords Fields" tab.
*Define a Password field and attend to the respective fields (Field Name / Data Type / Masked / Case Sensitive).
*Click the "Password Data" button at the bottom.
*You can import or auto generate your 100 passwords using the buttons at the bottom left.
*By default, Sawtooth Software sets the maximum number of respondents to "1" for any given password. This is what you need for your links to remain unique.
*When a respondent attempts to use a completed survey link, the error message "No additional interviewing permitted using this login." will appear.

When you upload your survey to the host / server, the link format will be displayed in a window. You can copy the link format into something like Excel or a database package and pipe the passwords into the 100 survey links. The survey links will be a part of your sample file for campaign sending.

The campaign sending is sent via another software package as Sawtooth Software does not currently have a bulk-emailer.
answered May 16, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (66,185 points)
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Paul's method is my preference as you now have a unique password per respondent and it prevents multiple access regardless of the device(s) they might use to access the survey.  Another method I've had to use if you are being limited and a client wants one unique(generic) link.  Then, instead of defining a password, on the Settings tab in the Questionnaire Access and Passwords you can check the cookie based restart box.  This will allow a person to pick up a survey where they left off and stop them from doing a survey more than once, but only if they are doing that on the same device.
answered May 16, 2017 by Jay Rutherford Gold (27,125 points)
Very true Jay. One additional comment ...

If the respondent does not have cookies enabled on that device, the generic link will act like a generic link and not restart if the survey has suspended. It will start back at the beginning.
Also good to note!  That is why I always go with passwords and unique links.