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Constructed list-building problem in SSI Web

I am a beginner learning how to use ssi web and am encountering a problem with my constructed list.

What I'm trying to do:

I have a predefined list 'Q13aList'. Question 13a is "check box" type question.  I want to take the options selected in Q13a and make only the selected questions appear in Q 13b (ie what was your primary reason? (choose only one)) so the user can choose their top reason.

What I've done:

I have tried to create a constructed list (Q13bactual) using Q13a as a parent list. My code is as follows:
Remove (Q13aList, 11)

What happens with the code used above:
When I test out my code, I am able to choose my options in Q13a. The next question should only be showing the options I chose in option Q13a, but it shows all of the  options from Q13a along with the answers I chose previously already selected. It also allows me to choose new options in addition to the ones already selected.

Furthermore, after clicking the next button, the question doesn't go to the next question. The page that should have Q13b keeps refreshing.  

Question 13b is a Radio button question whose options should only be the questions selected in Q13a, but that is not the case. How can I fix this problem to do what I need  it to do? I've been stuck on this for the past few days.
asked May 5, 2017 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Your constructed list looks okay. I noticed you are removing code 11. Is that correct?

At Q13b, have you selected the "Q13bactual" constructed list as the list to display?

If your constructed list evaluates to only one code, Q13b will skip and that code will be populated into Q13b.

You may also have a skip problem but it's difficult to tell without seeing your ssi file?

I can take a look at your ssi file if you like and spot the issues. Send to paulmoon@aapt.net.au. I'll give you a quick reply.
answered May 5, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (67,780 points)