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Adding open-end questions into constructed lists

Good afternoon, everyone, hope you are doing well.

I need to add an open-end answer to a constructed list. Is there any Perl command where I could insert such kind of field in a constructed list? Or is a mor complex logic needed in order to achieve the objective?

Thanks a lot!

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asked Apr 26, 2017 by Mauricio Belleza Bronze (630 points)
retagged Apr 26, 2017 by Walter Williams
Lighthouse Studio has built in support for other specify list items.  Do you need something different from that?

1 Answer

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You can insert any question answer into a list item by using the following SSI Script: [%Q1%]

So if you defined this as item 1 in your parent list, the answer at Q1 would be inserted.

You may have multiple questions where you can add to your parent list as such ...

Item 1-[%Q1%]
Item 2-[%Q5%]
Item 3-[%Q10%]

So Item 1=the response from Q1, Item 2=the response from Q5 and Item 3=the response from Q10 in the above example.

Zachary does ask a good question. Why do you need to insert an O/E response into a list? Do you need to rate / rank various O/E responses?
answered Apr 27, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (66,175 points)