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Drag and Drop Ranking with range?

I have a ranking question with 12 items and I have it set up as a drag and drop as of now.  My client wants to be able to rank anywhere from 1-5 of them.  It looks like you can either force all or set a number to rank but no range option.  Is there a way to do that with drag and drop.  I know with numeric entry or drop down you can do a range, is that the only option for that?
asked Apr 11, 2017 by Jay Rutherford Gold (35,255 points)

1 Answer

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That functionality is not built into the software, but you can achieve it with this:

answered Apr 11, 2017 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (147,000 points)
Ahhh, missed that.  I'll take a look and see if I have any questions about it.  Thanks!
So, I got that working on one question, but have a different issue on another.  I have a ranking question that has other specifies AND they want a range.  I was able to use the questions from the question library for each of those things to work independently, but I'm trying to get both things to work.  The issue that I'm having is the other specify is storing the code number instead of the specified response.  I tried putting both sets of logic in the footers and perhaps that is causing a conflict?  Would it be easier to email you the study with the question in it or is combining those concepts going to get too tricky?
You're in luck!  Although combining those two questions can get tricky, I already did it for another user.  I've emailed the solution I created your way.
Got it, perfect!  Definitely was proving to be tricky combining them so I'm glad you had already gone through this for another person.
Hi Zachary, I've got exactly the same problem as Jay. Would it be possible to email me the abovementioned solution for combining the two problems? Thank you very much in advance!
Email sent.