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Perl scripting - IE vs Chrome

In my ACA survey I have levels which use the SSI scripting. The desired behavior displays (image followed by text) in IE, but not in Chrome. Can you help me think through what might be the issue with Chrome, why it seemingly does not recognize the graphic from the first <td> tag? The “picture” reference is <img src="[%GraphicsPath()%]PIC.png" alt="" border="0">. And no, changing the perl graphicspath to its html-equivalent does not work.

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
 <td> [%ListLabel(picture,1)%] </td>
 <td class="label"> [%ListLabel(label,1)%] </td>

asked Apr 3, 2017 by WTW_cal Bronze (1,555 points)
I am not able to reproduce the problem on my end.  Can you check that you're on the latest version of Chrome?  Can you open the console in Chrome (F12 -> Console) while on this survey page and tell me if you see any errors?
Thanks. I am running 57.0.2987.133, and it says it's up to date. No issues shown in Console, either.
Odd.  If you shoot over a .ssi that has the problem to zachary@sawtoothsoftware.com, I can take a look.

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