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How to correctly insert a segmentation variable from CCEA into SMRT?

Hello Sawtooth-Community,

I tried to insert a Segmentation variable into the SMRT. Although the auto segments have been correctly created, I receive the following error message when selecting my first segment C1:

Respondent Filter
The following C1_xxx_AutoSeg category does not evaluate to a valid expression:

Category: Unknown
Selection Criteria: C1_xxx = 1
Error Description: A variable has been requested that is out of range. A merged variable was requested that does not exist. Remove or repeat Merge and try again.
Location in Expression: 15

Unless otherwise noted, you may need to redefine the category by selecting "Custom Segments" from the Analysis menu.

I never ran in this issue before, so I would very much appreciate your help and your feedback.

My segmentation file (.csv) looks as follows:

Resp [Column 1] C1 [Column 2] C2 [Column 3] C3 [Column4]...

Thank you very much,

asked Mar 2 by Ralph
retagged Mar 3
Can you clarify your question?  You refer to CCEA but your question seems to involve the SMRT software.
Thanks for your comment Mr. Williams - you are absolutely correct.

The correct question should be: How to correctly insert a segmentation variable from CCEA into SMRT?

I am very sorry for the confusion.

1 Answer

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The quickest way to get you an answer would be for you to send me your SMRT project files and the CCEA file you are trying to import.  I can then see what the specific problem is.  You can send them to walt@sawtoothsoftware.com.
answered Mar 3 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (14,100 points)