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Change page width on selected pages only

Is it possible to change the page width (not simply question width) on certain pages only?
asked Feb 13, 2017 by Christine Hanley (370 points)

1 Answer

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This CSS script can be inserted into the footer of the applicable question (s) ...

Change by pixel width
    width: 1000px;

Change by percentage
    width: 90%;
answered Feb 14, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (81,175 points)
Thanks again Paul! I am still using SSI Web 8 - we haven't had a chance to move to Lighthouse yet. I know it has better mobile functions. But do you know if there is a way to autodetect screen size in SSI Web 8? Basically I want the screen size to adjust based on whether the respondent is using a mobile device or laptop/desktop.

To clarify - it's expected that respondents will switch from mobile to desktop/laptop to answer the final section of questions.
This is a post from Justin Luster at Sawtooth Software.

You may find this useful?

Here is a work around for now:

1) Create a Free Format question named "screen".
2) Create a variable named "width" and make sure it is of type "hidden" and also set to "whole number".
3) Enter this HTML for the question:

<input name="screen_width" id="screen_width" type="hidden" value="">


This is JavaScript that will set the question "screen_width" to the size of the screen.

You can then use Skip Logic to skip respondents with smaller screen widths to a different page in your survey.  For example:

if  screen_width < 800 go to Q5
Paul, wouldn't that set that variable to the width at the time they encountered that question?  If they are expecting the respondent to switch devices for the final section that could be an issue.  I suppose they could set one at the beginning to check and then another before that final section?  Just thinking out loud, but great solutions as always Paul.
Thanks for your comments Jay. This is a Justin Luster treat that comes in handy. The variable that I mentioned does capture the screen width being used at the time, so device switching would pose a problem. You can insert that screen width question in multiple positions within your survey if that helps, but a respondent can switch at any time.

For HandleyC ...

The first thing I will say is v9 is TOTALLY MOBILE FRIENDLY and is AWESOME. It had too many great features included that forced me to move from v8 to v9. You should seriously think about moving to v9. You wouldn't regret it.

The second thing I will say is v8 is not entirely mobile friendly, particularly things like grids, images, the response buttons (radio buttons / check boxes) to mention a few.

So trying to push v8 to become fully mobile friendly is a challenge. You should chat to Sawtooth Software support about your concerns. They will guide you on the easy fixes and educate you on the more difficult fixes.