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How to find the lowest incidence option that people select?

Hi all,

Please see the following example.
Q4: Which other product or products did you consider?
1. Product1
2. Product2
3. Product3
4. Product4
5. Product5
6. Product6
7. Product7
8. Product8
9. Product9
10. Product10

Q5: Why did you not buy ___(insert product name that has the lowest incidence of Product 6, Product 7 and Product 8)?
1. Reason1
2. Reason2
3. Reason3

I have no idea how to do this. Could someone share your idea? Many thanks!
P.S. Please let me know if I did not make it clear. ;)
asked Feb 2, 2017 by Yolanda-Wong (215 points)
Can you expound on what you mean by "lowest incidence"?
Hi! It means that if 10 people have answered Q4,  5 of them select Product 6, 3 of them select Product 7, and 8 of them select Product 8. For the 11th respondent, he will see Q5 like this "Why did you not buy Product 7?". Product 7 is the lowest incidence option. Please let me know if it makes sense. Thanks!
This is possible, but will require some serious code.  I've got some similar code on my work computer I can look at tomorrow and see about modifying.
Wow! Awesome! Thank you so much!!! I just started to learn code like this. I know much about Stata, R, SPSS and a little about Python. But I know nothing like this. I really appreciate your help. ;)
Not sure if this will suffice but can't you define individual quotas for ...

Q4=Product 6 (Q4_6=1)
Q4=Product 7 (Q4_7=1)
Q4=Product 8 (Q4_8=1)

Set each quota target high at "9999".

You can then use the QuotaCellRemaining or QuotaCellCompletes functions within a constructed list to extract the quota counts and sort lowest achieved to highest achieved.

You can then use the 1st element of the sorted constructed list to display either Product 6-7-8 at Q5 using ListLabel.
That's an excellent idea, Paul!  Yolanda, you should create three quota questions with those three qualification logics.  Then set each one's disqualification question to just skip to the next question in the survey.

Your final constructed list should look something like this:

Begin Unverified Perl
my $prodList = 'productList';
my $quota1 = QUOTACELLCOMPLETES('QuotaQ1', 1);
my $quota2 = QUOTACELLCOMPLETES('QuotaQ2', 1);
my $quota3 = QUOTACELLCOMPLETES('QuotaQ3', 1);

if ($quota1 <= $quota2 && $quota1 <= $quota3) {
    ADD($prodList, 1);
elsif ($quota2 <= $quota3) {
    ADD($prodList, 2);
else {
    ADD($prodList, 3);
End Unverified

Where "productList" is the list of products and "QuotaQ1", "QuotaQ2", and "QuotaQ3" are the three quota questions.

Much, much better than the Perl solution I was going to make.
Nice one Zachary. My idea was marginally different to the neat solution you just provided but either way, using quotas is better than having to read database tables.

Yolanda, be sure to set your quota targets high. They are not used for quota failure but to monitor counts only.

Thanks again Zachary for your generosity. You're a champion mate.
Thanks, Zachary! I seldom use quota. I will try this! Thank you so much for your help. ;)
Hi Paul, many thanks for helping me! I will try this to see how's that going. I really appreciate  your help. :)

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