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GMT(0) to local time

As I understand it, the start and end time system variables (which are added to survey data) are captured in GMT or GMT+0 (London time). I am thinking of capturing the date/time to a local time (e.g. MDT/MST). Any advice/sample on how to do this? Thanks.
asked Feb 1, 2017 by anonymous
If you are using Lighthouse v9, you have the ability to set your local timezone via the Survey Settings under the General Settings tab.

For earlier versions, my understanding is you can only change the timezone either ...

1/ At the analysis stage by applying an offset after field work.
2/ Via some fairly advanced programming (maybe tweaking .pl files?). Mike Lodder or Zachary Anderson at Sawtooth Software may have a suitable answer here.

1 Answer

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I simply use MS Excel to convert GMT into local time via fomula. May search in Google with "How to Convert GMT Time in Microsoft Excel"
answered Feb 3, 2017 by ericdee Bronze (1,800 points)
I converted from GMT to AEST using an offset at the data processing / analysis stage also.

But now Sawtooth Software's latest version (Lighthouse Studio v9) does it all for you by applying your local time zone via the Survey Settings. All surveys captured are captured according to this setting. The software has too many positives to ignore, this being one of them. Well worth the upgrade.