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Database/Server down

The database seems to be down and I am in the middle of fielding a study with a deadline of today.   I tried contacting your support services via email and phone, but they are closed for the weekend.

If I can't field the study, then I at least need to be able to download the data already collected.

All my projects have disappeared from the list of My Projects.
asked Jan 7, 2017 by Amber Joy

1 Answer

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Our third-party provider for servers is currently down.  Very sorry about this interruption in service.  Our server engineers are currently toiling away at the office to help resolve the problem and get data collection and access to your projects back up.  Please stand by for more info about when service will be restored.  Again, we apologize and are working hard right now to restore service.
answered Jan 7, 2017 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (170,015 points)
Projects missing